Seven day fasting regimen – daily schedule

Night before day 1: Drink one mug of herbal laxative tea at bedtime.7.00 am2-part cleansing drink, as follows


•Part 1:

•2 oz freshly pressed apple juice (not from concentrate)
•8 oz spring water
•1 tablespoon Bentonite clay liquid (see below)
•Level teaspoon Colofibre
(mix and drink quickly – mixture thickens)
(prepare Part 2 and drink immediately)

•Part 2:

•10 oz spring water
•1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar
•1 teaspoon honey
7.30 amCoffee enema8.30 amSupplements:
•1 Coloclear capsule
•1 vitamin C tablet
•1/3 teaspoon Essential Fatty Acid Complex
•4 Pancreatin tablets
•Half a tablet of niacin, or a whole tablet if it does not cause flushing (optional).
•1 Liver Support, multivitamin, and mineral
•1 Klamath Lake Algae capsule
•Herb tea or glass of vegetable juice
10.00 am2-part cleansing drink, as above

11.30 am Supplements, as above, with herb tea or vegetable juice. (no Liver Support this time)

1.00 pm 2-part cleansing drink

2.30 pm Supplements, as above, with herb tea or vegetable juice. (no Liver Support this time)

4.00 pm 2-part cleansing drink

5.00 pm Supplements, as above, with herb tea or vegetable juice. One teaspoon of crushed linseeds (flaxseed). (no Liver Support this time)

7.00 pm2-part cleansing drink

7.30 pm Enema

9.00 pm Herb tea with one food form calcium and magnesium tablet

9.30 pm Bedtime

After the seven day fasting regimen

On the 8th day:

●Stop the enemas, unless you feel you need one.
●Start a course of HUMAN CULTURED ACIDOPHILUS AND BIFIDUS in order to build up the friendly bacteria washed out by the enemas.
●DO NOT eat any junk foods or processed foods. Only eat small amounts of fruits (e.g., stewed apple is good) and vegetables.


From the 8th day onwards, continue with the following supplements, twice a day with food:
•1 Coloclear tablet
•1 vitamin C
•1/3 teaspoon Essential Fatty Acids
•l Liver Support with multivitamin and mineral combined
•2 Klamath Lake Algae capsules
•2 Bioacidophilus (instructions on bottle)
On the 8th day to 30th day, have one 2-part cleansing drink per day.
On the 9th day, continue with fruits and vegetables, and introduce some protein, such as cottage cheese made from sheep or goats milk (see recipes), almond or hazelnut or cashew nut butter, a little white fish. Continue to avoid mucous producing foods, such as bread, refined flour foods, sugar, cows milk produce, processed and junk foods, excess meat, etc.
When introducing solid food after the fasting regimen:
●Eat lightly and slowly and chew well.
●Herb and fruit teas and vegetable juices are allowed between meals, as desired.

fruit tea

●Drink at least one-and-a-half liters of clean water per day, at room temperature or warmer.
Sample post fasting regimen meals:
•Breakfast:Shredded carrots, slightly wilted, or stewed apple.
•Lunch: Large salad; sheep or goats yogurt.
•Dinner: Large salad; one steamed vegetable.
•Breakfast:Fresh fruit or dried fruit, revived. Millet, brown rice, corn or buckwheat cereal (no sugar).
•Lunch: Large salad; one steamed vegetable; yogurt or cottage cheese made from sheep or goats yogurt. (recipe below)
•Dinner: Large salad; one steamed vegetable; a little white fish.
•Resume regular ‘clean’ diet.
Continue with acidophilus and bifidus bacteria for several months, and periodically thereafter.
Periodic enemas and continuation with the natural colonic support should be maintained until 2 HEALTHY BOWEL MOVEMENTS DAILY are achieved. Then such treatments can be reduced according to one’s needs.


Seven Day Colon Cleanse Fasting Regimen

It is strongly advised that you consult a qualified nutritionist or naturopath before embarking on this cleanse, so that you can be advised and supported through it.


General instructions

The night before first day, take one mug of laxative tea at bedtime.
Begin each day with skin brushing 3-5 minutes.
Take coffee enema days 1-7, twice a day: 7.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Many ingredients can be added to enema water to increase the effectiveness in some specific manner. Coffee enemas help detoxify the liver. Linseed enemas relieve inflammation of the bowel. Bentonite clay water added to the enema assists in absorbing and mobilizing toxins from the bowel wall. Chamomile and Slippery Elm are soothing.
During the 7 days NO SOLID FOODS whatsoever are to be taken, nor any prune juice, tomato juice, V-8, apricot or peach juices. Hunger is NOT experienced as Colofibre and apple juices assuage the appetite and apple juice keeps the blood sugar steady. More liquid than suggested may be taken, but will probably not be wanted. Speak with your Doctor or an experienced practitioner of complementary medicine before carrying out this cleanse to ensure that it is suitable for you.FIRST THING, ON DAY ONE prepare the Bentonite clay liquid by mixing a level tablespoon of Bentonite powder with cold water until it reaches the consistency of single cream. It’s easiest to use a hand blender. Once prepared, this mixture is enough for about two days and should be kept at room temperature.DO NOT SKIP THE ENEMAS as they are necessary to avoid a toxic reaction and to achieve the desired elimination. Sit on the toilet for a good fifteen minutes once elimination starts, as the colon can hold on to some of the coffee/water for longer than imagined.MASSAGE THE COLON DURING ELIMINATION – anti-clockwise. (Clockwise towards the end to ensure all liquid has been eliminated).MOVE AROUND with gentle exercise, such as yoga or gentle walking in the park.


This will help the lymphatic system to cleanse the body.
In order to see for yourself the amazing amounts of hard, encrusted, black faecal matter, green mucous and rubbery strips of impacted waste products extracted from the colon wall during this cleanse, it is ‘interesting’ to place a colander in the toilet. The fresh waste and fibres will simply drain through the holes, leaving the ancient waste as a testimony of the morbid, putrid accumulations.